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: 11 wrz 2020, 11:45
autor: Kingang
Im surprised they deleted those memes, did not even know there was some other kind of censorship here. I might somewhat pay attention to the sub again. Cant stand moderation with its power in a negative manner that hurts a community in someway. Beyond just memes - I am mindful of the evaporating articles for quite a while. I stopped using the sub ever since that time. I guess that is a step in the right direction although I dont have.

What makes you think that those 99s are not already shared with buddies? Also locating buddies and subreddit caring about something has very little if all correlation between them imo, at least in this context. Also I'm part of this subreddit and 99s, maxes, comps, boss kills and the rest of the foolish achievements and I tend to give a nonono or see nothing wrong with them. What makes me believe this subreddit will care? Where entire subreddit will give a shit, it won't because there's not a single pole. However 99s are a part of this game and getting them is for many goal to achieve and I don't anything wrong with them being in subreddit devoted to this game.

Each of the"I got 99 cooking after 15 years" only require pressing printscreen and yet many take an image with their pho. This. One cares that you have a 99 in a game that takes no skill and effort that is minimal. You are bragging that you clicked 24 hours. Memes are the only thing keeping scape living lol. Bro I dont even play Runescape, the only reason I have to be here is that the memes. The post I dread the most is the fall rate article. Dudes be going 1kc over fall rate and think they need to post it. Need longer memes. An individual needs to also be a reference that is jojo. Interesting, I loved those and watched up them. The reason im here really. This one had 800+ upvotes as it got deleted. And I suppose I'm to blame?

I made the same meme about a month ago when DXP began becoming more prevalent. My post got deleted due to over-saturation of memes (i. e. I submitted it when the DXP controversy was widespread ) and since it had been low-quality. I saw the post linked above and it had hundreds of upvotes. I asked the mods why mine had been deleted but not theirs and their excuse was that there was not a moderator on if it was posted by the other person. Then the other person's post was deleted by them.