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It's hard to believe that a new package of changes

09 maja 2023, 11:43

Now, instead of missing wildly, the hit stick actually delivers a powerful blow. Thankfully, this is a video game, so the gamers don't have to worry about concussion protocol. Hitting hard brings back a classic era of football that every fan can appreciate.

It's hard to believe that a new package of changes didn't include new cutscene animations. That expressionless referee, the coaches talking to themselves on the sidelines, the fan cheers, the pregame show, anybody who has been playing Madden for the last ten years will be familiar with all of this before playing the game for the first time.

For many social media critics, this was their primary criticism of the games for the last few years. Once again, it will remain their primary criticism. And, in fairness to them, this is getting a bit embarrassing. Can they at least remove the players talking to themselves after plays?

It's already been mentioned that running the ball has been overpowered. With the improved tackling and tweaked gameplay, it's now no longer viable to win an entire game on the ground against players of equal or greater talent.

Running is not at all bad. The best running backs will still ruin gameplans. And running up the middle is now more effective than it was before. Really, it's just those constant sweeps to the outside that have been clamped down. They still work, they're just not guaranteed to succeed. As it should be.

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