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We would like to see this decision would be jointly bargained

: 17 paź 2022, 05:42
autor: nfkjasfas
One of the main topics to be debated and perhaps voted onduring the Madden NFL 23 owners meetings this Wednesday is the updated player conduct policy, which is something that Madden NFL 23 is intent to strengthen in light of a number of missteps that took place this fall. But, following a few failed attempts by the league and both the Madden NFL 23PA attempt to meet on a jointly accepted proposal the players' association seems extremely dissatisfied with the absence of a collective bargaining process throughout the process of deliberations.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman who was one of four players that took part in a conference call with the media Tuesday to provide the players' viewpoint on the issue, has criticized off the Madden NFL 23 for its lack of professionalism during the talks.

"We would like to see this decision would be jointly bargained, just like every that happens in our league and as every other decision that is taken. However, at the moment we don't have any evidence of this ... we're trying to understand how they are deciding to make decisions that are not based on our input, and it's very frustrating."

Sherman went on to further be critical of the league's "poor management" regarding the policies, noting an increasing dissatisfaction among the players with the way that Madden NFL 23 conducts its business in general.

"A majority of the time, owners will say we are partners in the business. It is true that we are partner. We should all have an opinion ... I think that every time any decision is made players should have input on it and I think the manner in which Madden NFL 23 is making things up as they go along is bad management and players aren't going to tolerate this ... We are expected to be professionals in everything we do and to perform at a the highest level. We want the same quality from those who run our league."

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Re: We would like to see this decision would be jointly bargained

: 06 gru 2022, 13:50
autor: miska999
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